We come from the worlds of technology, strategy, and design


Aaron fisher

Co-founder and CEO

A technologist at heart, Aaron advises the Executives of Gannett, IBM,
J Crew, and Starbucks at SYPartners. He also leads web development and branding at Big Bridge Labs. Prior to his management consulting role at SYPartners, he advised startups on product and served in the Office of Digital Strategy for the Obama Administration. 


Teri 'ru' carpenter

Co-founder and CPO

A Swiss-Army Knife creative with a background in experiential marketing campaigns, user experience, and brand launches for various fortune 500 companies, including BMW, Verizon Wireless, Samsung, and VF Brands. Recently she’s been leading the innovation department at the country’s largest woman-owned independent marketing agency, Rauxa. 


Michael fisher


An engineering manager at Casper. He was previously an engineering manager at the Democratic National Committee and at Hillary for America where he lead the Site Reliability Engineering team, joining the tech team as its 5th engineer in June 2015. Before that Michael worked on ad tech at DMP platform Krux and at Google. 


Mohammad Mehrabani

Co-founder and CMO

A creative strategist working with CEOs and executive teams of consumer and technology brands across vision, strategy, growth, branding, storytelling. First at BCG, and Mayor Bloomberg's office, and next at SYPartners, L brands, where he helped lead the creative strategy team for Chairman Les Wexner.