Payment vehicle

Electric vehicles.
Transaction enabled.

Now, no matter if cars are autonomous or human driven, the easiest way to pay will be in the dash.


Connectivity will transform the driving experience.


While everyone is talking about autonomous and semi-autonomous future of cars—which we all know is right around he corner—ReCharge is taking care of the missing link. 

We are leveraging the power of connectivity to put payments right into the dash. 

The ReCharge transaction platform is simple, it’s beautiful, it’s secure—and it’s built with the customer top of mind. Allowing our in-car integration to directly locate, unlock, and pay at various charging networks in North America.

For EV charging, we are Plug and Charge without the required ISO 15118 standard. Existing drivers rejoice!

Beyond charging, we support tolls, parking, and fast food.

We are building payments right into the car so that no matter how cars “drive”, they’re connected and transaction-enabled. 


How it works.

The ReCharge transaction platform is a series of API’s and dashboards that automakers and infrastructure companies can integrate.


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